Executive coaching

With our executive coaching programs, we accelerate the development of (future) leaders and support them to be ready faster for their next role.

We help organizations develop their top talent through our personalized, result-focused and business-integrated coaching programs:

  • Personalized because all our coaching programs are tailored to the organization’s and the individual’s needs, and delivered 1:1
  • Result-focused because we monitor the individual’s development through all phases in the coaching cycle, and we measure the impact of our coaching on the person and their business
  • Business-integrated because our coaching is delivered ‘on the job’; the employee does not need to leave the office for weeks of training

Who we work with

Our typical coachees are people in leadership positions in international organizations. They may have been identified as succession candidates for more senior (executive) positions, and they tend to be in the top-right boxes of the standard performance-potential grid.  In other words, they are people who, with a little help from Leadership Impulse, have the potential and ambition to quickly move into the most senior positions.

How we deliver

A typical program includes an initial assessment, six months of individual coaching and a formal evaluation. It is based on a coaching framework with seven themes.


Tools and methodologies

Our executive coaching programs emphasize self-awareness and use best-in-class tools and frameworks to help increase a leader’s awareness.

The focus is on understanding your own strengths and shortcomings in relation to a certain context, and realizing that certain strengths/tendencies can become counter-productive if they are overused.

  • First, a measurement tool known as Hogan Inventories Assessments  is used to increase your awareness of your personal tendencies in your day-to-day approach to work and how you interact with others. In particular, tendencies under ‘normal circumstances’ are examined, along with performance risks and ‘career derailers’ that can manifest themselves when you become stressed

  • Second, a 360-degree assessment known as the Leadership Versatility Index  is used to increase your awareness of how others around you perceive you as a leader, and what behaviours they believe you should do more (or less) in order to become a more effective leader. Since suboptimal performance is often a result of either overdoing a behaviour or underdoing it, this tool helps identify a potential overuse of certain behaviours

  • Third, our proprietary leadership framework known as the Leadership Impulse Framework for Leadership  is used during the coaching sessions to explore the leadership aspects that require more in-depth discussion and behavioural changes. The framework consists of 7 dimensions that underpin effective leadership in the uncertain and turbulent times we are experiencing today. It has been designed by combining academic research and empirical experience, to provide a simple and effective tool to support your learning journey.

client testimonials

When I first met Caroline, I had just had an experience that showed I had serious limitations to overcome if I wanted to progress in my career. Caroline accepted to help me with it and she ended up doing a lot more than that. Thanks to her patience, dedication and talent in coaching, I discovered the tools I needed to become a better professional (and a much happier person). I simply can't thank her enough!

Daniel Bianchi
Global Blade Technology